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The Astronomers’ Appeal:

Who can sign?

1) professional Astronomers,

2) Technologists/ENGINEERS,

3) PHD Students,

4) Collaborators and/or AssociateS AT International Scientific Institutes

To subscribe to this petition/appeal, please fill the form with your NAME, SURNAME, POSITION & AFFILIATION and indicate a valid E-MAIL (where to receive a remind/notification of your signature being added).

Note that the personal information registration ***is not automatic*** , because astronomers identity must be verified before!

By filling and sending this form you explicitly declare:

1) I hereby authorize the treatment of my personal data according to the current italian directives (Law No. 196 of 30 June, 2003) called “privacy policy”, since data provided by this form will be treated in Italy by the owner and or administrator of this web-site for the only purposes of this petition/appeal.

2) I authorize that my personal information be published on this site in a dedicated list.

Privacy Policy & Personal Data Treatment ( Italian Law No. 196 of 30 June, 2003 ).

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24 thoughts on “Sign / Subscribe this Appeal

  1. This petition should also be open to anyone on earth who does not want to see the light pollution from these satellites! Please prepare another petition from the general public for additional support. My work is reducing light pollution in communities. See: As a life-long amateur astronomer I was highly offended by this unannounced assault on the night sky by these new satellites and this practice must be stopped as soon as possible!

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  2. I’m agree with the comment of Rod E. Mc Connell. We need a petition or something else for the general public. I’m not astronomer, but I’m very shocked by this assault on our nigth sky and our earth (not only for the light pollution but also for the EMF) and I’m sure that many would be if they were aware. This is madness and it must be stopped !

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  3. Non sono un astronomo ma mi piace osservare il cielo e sono preoccupato per l’incidenza che potrebbe avere la tecnologia 5G sulla salute umana e sulle altre forme di vita.
    Mi piacerebbe poter firmare anch’io una petizione simile. Se qualcuno la potesse lanciare gliene sarei grato


  4. I wholeheartedly agree with Rod E. McConnell…please could we have an appeal for the general public as it affects all of us!!!
    I run a small amateur astronomy group in South East England and our members are behind this appeal 100% so would welcome the chance to sign a petition!
    Isn’t there enough light pollution being created on Earth daily without polluting Space as well???????


    1. Dear Gill, we are working on it. Please keep in mind that a generic appeal/petition open to generic people needs to count on a crowd / social platform which does not guarantee the respect of privacy and the correct use of personal data. I still receive lot of signatures from amateur astronomers, which are included in the mailing-list but their names will not be included in the astronomer supporters list for institutions if no association/affiliation is provided.
      I want you to know that there is already one other petition against starlink satellites open for generic signatures, that you can sign; this is the link:


  5. I see a satellite and I want it painted black
    No dazzle any more, they must all be turned black
    They all go passing by, blazing 5G as they go
    I have to turn my head, until they no more show

    I wanna see the satellites painted, painted black
    Black as night, black as coke
    I wanna see the stars, up shining in the sky
    I wan those critters painted, painted, painted black

    (Thanks to the Rolling Stones for the original ‘paint it black’)


  6. Pourquoi est-ce que tous les amoureux des étoiles et des beautés de l’univers ne pourraient pas signer cette pétition ?


  7. Je ne suis pas tout ça, mais je suis bien consciente du danger, qui me concerne également, et je voudrais donc signer!! (I’m none of those professions, what I am fully aware of the danger, which also concerns me, and I would like to sign nevertheless)


    1. It is clear that any petition is good for the cause,
      this petition comes to guarantee the possibility to sign and manifest contrariety to the deployment of mega-constellation even if they are not professional astronomers. Let’s keep in mind that the astronomers’ appeal permits signatures alto to astro-amateur but you must specify at least an associative affiliation to store you record.


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